MCStacker - Minecraft Entity Stacking Summon Command Generator

Stacked Zombies and Skeletons wearing armor This Minecraft summon command generator enables you to stack mobs on top of each other. You can equip mobs with up to five items and adjust the drop chances for each item of equipment. You can add multiple enchantments to any item. Mobs can have multiple Status Effects(potion) applied to them. Leather armor can be colored also. Finally, mobs with attributes specific to them are also available. For documentation on what all of the values mean, please read the Minecraft Chunk Format Wiki.

The commands that are generated can be very long so they will not work if you are pasting them directly into the chat bar in Minecraft. To use the summon commands generated from this tool, you will need to use Command Blocks. To use command blocks make sure you are an op if using a server or if in single player mode have cheats enabled. To give yourself a command block, type in /give @p minecraft:command_block . You will need to be in creative mode to paste commands into a command block. Finally activate the Command block with a redstone torch, pressure plate, switch etc.

Be careful using this generator. There is always the potential to break your maps if you use values that are outside the expected ranges or are in an invalid format. To be safe try out your summon commands on a throwaway map or make sure you have your maps backed up. Enjoy.

Version 2014-08-31
= Changed Layout a bit. I think it's better now. Hope you do too.
+ Player skulls/mob heads, custom potions, colored leather & rockets are now available in all item selectors(chested/slotted entities, villager trades, mob equipment, Item entities & ArmorStand
? This was a very major and difficult update and there is a good chance I broke something in the process. Please let me know if you find a bug. Use this previous version if you need to summon something that currently isn't working in this version.

Version 2014-08-26
+ Every entity in stack can have a custom name
+ Summon co-ordinates are now editable
+ Entities with slots(MinecartChest, MinecartHopper, Mule & Donkey) can have slots filled with items

Version 2014-08-24
+ added tooltips/hints to input fields
= replaced true/false fields with check-boxes
= bug fixes

Version 2014-08-19
+ added buttons to show/hide entity details
+ added buttons to reorder the stack
+ added button to copy motion attributes into all entities
= replaced plain entity add/delete buttons with nicer buttons

Version 2014-08-16
+ added motion attributes for all entities

Version 2014-08-13
+ added Search/Filter input for item selections
+ added Silent attribute for mobs (1.8)

Version 2014-08-12
+ added ArmorStand entity (1.8)
+ added (1.8) items to list: Red Sandstone, Banner, ArmorStand, Raw Mutton, Cooked Mutton, Rabbit Hide, Raw Rabbit, Cooked Rabbit, Rabbit's Foot, Rabbit Stew, Leaping Potion, Fences, Fence Gate, Doors, Endermite Spawn Egg, Rabbit Spawn Egg

Version 2014-08-08
+ added FireworksRocketEntity and customizable Firework Rockets from drops and Item entities
+ added NoAI(1.8) and Rotation tags for mobs
= Leather armor on equipped mobs and as Item entities now have a better color chooser

Version 2014-08-01
+ added Drop Count for mob drops
= Fixed bug with unused mob drop equipment slots and missing status effects for equipped mobs.

Version 2014-07-29
+ added LightningBolt entity (1.8)
+ added attributes for MinecartTNT, MinecartFurnace and MinecartCommandBlock entities

Version 2014-07-23
= Changed Health attribute to HealF
+ added Rabbits(1.8)
+ added ability to summon a potion with Custom Potion Effects(Item entity only not equipped mobs or Villager trades yet)

Version 2014-07-21
+ Added PersistanceRequired, CanPickUpLoot & Health attributes for mobs
+ Added Attribute Modifiers(1.8) for Item entities, Villager trades and Mob drops

Version 2014-07-17
= Fixed bug with missing damage tag for Villager trades

Version 2014-07-15
+ Mode selector to enable non-enchantable items to be enchanted
+ Added items for 1.8: Prismarine Blocks/Items, Sea Lantern & Guardian Spawn Egg
= Fixed UI bug with Item entities

Version 2014-07-12
+ Added All Projectiles: Arrow, Snowball, Fireball, SmallFireball, ThrownEnderpearl, ThrownExpBottle, ThrownPotion & WitherSkull. (A bug in Minecraft prevents summoning of SmallFireballs and WitherSkulls. See MC-42192 for details).

Version 2014-07-02
+ Added PrimedTnt Entity
+ Added FallingSand Entity
+ Added Ender Crystals
+ Added Guardians (1.8)
+ Added Depth Strider Boot Enchantment (1.8)

Version 2014-06-20
= Fixed Drop Chances bug
+ PigZombie Anger attribute

Version 2014-06-17
+ Stained Clay
+ Items
+ XPOrbs
+ Endermite (1.8)
= Updated Enderman carried block selector and EndermiteCount (1.8)
= Fixed bug with Invulnerable selector
= Updated Villager Professions and Careers

Version 2014-06-07
+ Added all types of Minecarts (Minecart specific attributes coming soon)
+ Added Invulnerable attribute for mobs
= Changed movementSpeed attribute to free text

Version 2014-05-26
+ Added jumpStrength attribute for horses

Version 2014-05-24
+ Minecraft 1.8 mode added. (please note that the old numerical item ids will not work in 1.8)
+ Lore tag on item drops from mobs and villager trades. Use a comma (,) to separate lines.

Version 2014-05-20
+ Added Unbreakable tag for durable items (drops and villager trades)

Version 2014-05-14
+ Added Villager trading with enchanted items
+ Named drops from mobs

Please email me at for feedback, suggestions, bug reports or whatever. If submitting bugs, it helps me a lot if you can be really specific about the problem you are having. If MCStacker is outputting broken summon commands, please send it to me so I can get it sorted out.

The Future
Thanks to all of the people who have contacted me to say thanks and to request new features. If you are thinking of suggesting something, please make sure what you are suggesting is even possible in Minecraft and not already on the list below. Here's a list of things that will be added to the generator eventually:

  • More options for the MinecartSpawner entity
  • General layout improvements
  • Wickedness increased
  • Some other stuff I haven't thought of yet